TheDude3DX – Brunettes Do It Better

Size: 976 MB
Pics: 89


As it happens, The Dude’s lineup of ladies is split perfectly down the middle when it comes to hair color. In May, you saw Kayla, Breanna, and Mari go at it in a sizzling threesome for Blondes Have More Fun. Now it’s the turn of the dark-haired girls of the cast!

Tatiana, Marcella, and Yelena indulge each other’s lusts in a ravishing Dickgirl-on-Dickgirl-on-Girl poolside threesome. With the summer sun beating down on their glistening bodies and hard cocks ready to rock, Tatiana and Marcella have some foreplay fun with each other before Yelena inevitably joins in, and gets the fucking of a lifetime!

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