Morfium – Alyssia Lost Her Underwear

Size: 44 MB
Pics: 260


It is Saturday, Nykaa is relaxing on the couch. She didn’t much sleep last night. Not that she didn’t try, she had a very busy week, not out having fun or anything like that. She laid in her bed but her housemate Celine had brought a friend with her this day and were very loud. Nykaa could relate to the noise as Celines is very, shall we say, “well equipped” and has a great endurance. After an hour of constant moaning and grunting in different rhythms she noticed the sounds arousing her. Since she wouldn’t fall asleep until the two were done. She decided to get off herself and quickly found herself more awake than the other two, she couldn’t stop until she came. In the morning she was woken by the two for breakfast and after that she managed to drag herself to the couch and snooze. They planned a movie night with some friends, and for that they needed some snacks and drinks. Celine was elected to get those, so she left the flat. Alyssia needed to get into the shower after the activities form the night before. Here we are…

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